Prices and Payments


fRilingue will be offering 5 nights of accommodation for FREE

Please Note: We have 4, 6, 8 bed rooms and a 25 bed room (in total 65 beds): First come first served. You can choose to share the room with colleagues/friends if you are a group of 4, 6 or 8 participants. Otherwise, you can also share with other people who will be joining the event. 

If you prefer more private accommodation you can check out the hotels near by:

Breakfast: This is free for all particpants

Lunch: Not included - we can have lunch during the skiing lessons or excursions.

Dinner: We are encouraging people from similar nationalities and cultures to cook a traditional dish on one of 3 nights. Not only will this give us the opportunity to network over cooking, but it will also enable us to continue to learn about each other's culture. Each team / group will be responsible for their own dishes - you are welcome to bring ingredients with you from home or we will make time to go buy the ingredients from a nearby supermarket.

Airport Transfer: From Geneva : Euro 50 one way / Euro 100 return 

Excursions: Euro 50 for transfers to different locations (entry fees are extra)

Ski Rental Equipment: Between 85 Euro and 200 Euro (for the duration of the trip)

Ski Pass: Around 95 Euro (valid for the duration of the trip)

International Cooking Nights: The price for this will depend on what you decide to cook.


Payment details will be sent to you upon booking.


  • Schools can invite their partner agents to this event to continue to solidify their existing relationship or even to simply thank them for their loyalty over the years.

  • Schools can also invite new / potential business partners to this event. This will give them the opportunity to "break the ice" and get to know each other a little better.